Top 5 Reasons to Move to Nashville, TN
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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Nashville, TN


Top 5 Reasons to Move to Nashville, TN

According to a recent study, more people moved to Tenessee than any other state last year. So what’s causing this great migration, and why are people choosing the Volunteer State, and Nashville in particular, as their new home destinations? Nashville’s unique, vibrant culture and lower living costs are just some motivations for people to love this exuberant city. Find out all the reasons people continue to move to Nashville here. 

1. Low Cost of Living

Council for Community & Economic Research declared Tennessee the sixth most affordable state in the U.S. Simply put, you can have a higher quality of life for less. Healthcare and energy costs are lower in Nashville than in other major U.S. cities. And although the cost of transportation, food, and real estate is a bit higher in Nashville than in other Tennessee cities, it is well worth it for the number of perks the city has to offer.

2. Extraordinary Culinary Scene

Culinary icon Rachel Ray recently shared that she finds Nashville one of the best cities for food. And she is not alone! Nashville is famous for its restaurant repertoire infused with decades of Southern cooking meshed with the influence of immigrants from different parts of the world. Be sure to try Nashville’s renowned BBQ spots and “Meat and Three” restaurants that serve plated lunches with choices of meats like fried chicken, pulled pork, brisket, ham, and other quintessential Southern meats. And, of course, be sure to try Nashville’s own Nashville Hot Chicken, a famous hometown recipe of super spicy fried chicken. 

3. Music, Music, Music!

If you are a fan of live music, and let’s face it, most of us are – Nashville is arguably one of the best cities! Appropriately named “Music City,” Nashville was named the #1 city for live music scene by Travel and Leisure Magazine. With over 120 popular music venues like the Nashville Opera, Bluebird Cafe, and Ryman Auditorium, music lovers have no shortage of places to visit. In addition, Nashville is home to famous music stars like Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, and more!

4. Booming Economy 

Nashville was named the #2 overall best city for Real Estate investment by Buisenesswire, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. With low unemployment rates, a healthy real estate market, and a booming economy, Nashville is set to continue its economic growth for the foreseeable future. Additionally, the large healthcare industry and thriving start-up sector continue bringing more jobs and economic security to The Music City. 

5. Overall Quality of Life

Conde Nast Traveler named Nashville of the friendliest cities in America. In addition to its pleasant atmosphere, Nashville is gifted with fantastic weather. Nashville’s temperature highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s provide a mild climate that attracts many families and individuals. Add Nashville’s #11 ranking in Forbes’ cities with the best cost of living, and there should be no questions left as to why people continue to move to Nashville!

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