8 of the Best Home-Staging Tips from Real Estate Agents
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8 of the Best Home-Staging Tips from Real Estate Agents


8 of the Best Home-Staging Tips from Real Estate Agents

Staging a home is an investment that often ensures selling success. Home staging is a decorating method to highlight your home’s strengths and downplay its weakness. At Southern Homes Collective, we offer complimentary staging advice and support to achieve your selling goals. Below, you’ll find our top tips to follow when staging your home. 

1. Make a Good First Impression

As a real estate company in Nashville, we have found that first impressions matter. So, make your home stand out to buyers right when they arrive. You can instantly add value by tidying and updating your home’s curb appeal. These changes can include replacing old house numbers, lights, and welcome mats, filling flowerbeds with seasonal shrubbery, or repainting the porch floor. 

2. De-Personalize the Space

When buyers think about purchasing a home, they envision themselves in it. This vision can be challenging for them to imagine if there are many personal photographs, children’s artwork, framed awards, or other personal items you keep displayed. Place these mementos in storage and replace them with generic artwork or mirrors to make buyers instantly feel at home.  

3. Go Neutral

When adding fresh linens, towels, or other items, opt for neutral hues to appeal to every buyer. Whether adding a fresh coat of paint to the family room or investing in new home accessories, choosing neutral colors will enhance the space and lighten any room.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

As real estate agents, we always want to remove the clutter from your home when staging. You can do this by clearing any unnecessary items or furniture from your home. Make sure each room has a purpose and remove items based on this its’ purpose when getting rid of clutter. By doing this essential sttep, your home will appear spacious and functional.

5. Maximize the Space

When it comes to space, more is better. Some ways to maximize your space include rearranging furniture or removing oversized pieces and those that do not match the room. By maximizing the space, buyers can visualize their own furniture, and it will help them navigate the different areas in your home.

6. Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning your entire home, top to bottom, is another important aspect of staging a home. As local realtors, we know that buyers like a home that feels well-kept. Plus, a clean house creates a fresh, welcoming atmosphere that helps a buyer envision themselves in your home. You may want to consider hiring a professional service to conduct a deep clean of the entire home, especially if you have a large house. 

7. Focus on the Kitchen

Kitchens are crucial to buyers, so spend ample time staging your kitchen. Pack up seldom-used appliances, holiday décor, and clear clutter from the countertops. Consider a fresh coat of paint on kitchen cabinets, replacing hardware or faucets, or enhancing your current storage. You may even want to consider renovating the kitchen if you feel it’s holding you back from an offer.

8. Fill Your Home with Pleasant Aromas

Pleasant, subtle aromas are the best choice when staging your home. Ensure there are no odors, so be sure to take out the trash before buyers arrive. Fresh plants create a lovely aroma and open the space, so we recommend placing a few throughout your home. Similarly, wall plug-ins are a great option, too–just make sure the scent is not too overwhelming for buyers.

Get Expert Advice on Staging Your Home

Let Southern Homes Collective give your home a competitive advantage with complimentary staging advice and support backed by industry-leading trends! Additionally, refer to our Staging Checklist for additional information on staging your home. 

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