5 Traits to Look For in a Local Realtor
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5 Traits to Look For in a Local Realtor


5 Traits to Look For in a Local Realtor

Whether you are searching for a new home or are in the process of selling your current one, your real estate agent is someone you should feel confident having in your corner. A competent local realtor can distinguish between a seamless and financially sound transaction or a real estate agony. 

At Southern Homes Collective, we make it a priority to help homeowners in Middle Tennessee have the best selling or buying experience. Here are the five traits that can help you select a great local real estate agent perfect for your needs. 

Finding the Best Local Realtor For You

No matter where you’re looking to buy or sell your home, there are usually hundreds of real estate agents biting at the bit to help you. However, a good realtor should not just be a buyer’s advocate but also a salesperson, negotiator, and marketer all at the same time. Besides attaining a real estate license, real estate agents and brokers must possess interpersonal skills to help you meet your goals.

So how can you determine whether your potential realtor has all the qualities you need? Here are some important traits you should consider. 

1. Understanding the Local Housing Market

A good realtor should understand the local market, with all its nuances and unique pricing strategies. Knowing the local market comes hand in hand with having an extensive network of connections that includes appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage loan officers. 

We know that Nashville natives can feel like they’re one in a million! Jill Arnold and Duwayne Matz of Southern Homes Collective have over 25 years of real estate experience in Williamson Country and the Greater Nashville area and understand firsthand how important it is to know the area inside and out. 

2. Attention to Detail

Selling or purchasing a home is a deeply personal experience, and a great realtor should be able to provide you with an attentive and personalized approach. Additionally, your real estate agent should be proactive, dedicated, and available. By the time of your real estate transaction, you should truly feel like your real estate agent is part of your team. 

Following up on leads, communicating well, and listening to the needs of our clients are just some of the staples of Southern Home Collective agents. To support our clients on their home selling/buying journey, we offer a variety of complementary services like professional cleaning services and staging advice to help make your move easier. 

3. Understanding the Home Buyers and Sellers

Every client is unique, and a good realtor must understand each home buyer and seller’s specific needs. For example, a family looking for a quiet place to raise their children will have very different priorities from clients who enjoy an active city scene. On the other side, a local realtor needs to take time to understand more about the home and sellers than a standard sale price. At Southern Homes, getting to know YOU is our favorite part of the job!

4. Honesty and Integrity

Of course, you want to establish trust with your real estate agent by knowing their code of ethics and values. For example, when it’s time to stop fighting for a particular property, you should be able to rely on your realtor to be candid with you. Of course, being ambitious and determined are important qualities, but part of your realtor’s job is to be open with you about your expectations and the realities of the market. 

5. Well Respected by Their Peers

Although real estate is a competitive business, reputable realtors are always set apart by their good reputation. Well-respected realtors often benefit from connections with people in their industry who can help enhance their client’s selling/buying experience. A great place to investigate a local realtor’s reputation is through word of mouth, social media, and online reviews.

Southern Homes: Local Realtors That Care About You!

Whether you are just starting to think about moving or are well into the process, Southern Homes Collective is passionate about helping you find your dream home. You can trust our unique expertise in the Middle Tennesee region and enjoy a seamless realty experience in the hands of caring professionals.  

Southern Homes Collective: Real Estate Agents in Williamson County, TN

Are you looking for a compassionate and trustworthy realtor to help you with your move? We are here to help! We are proud to serve the communities of Brentwood, Franklin, Fairview, Thompson’s Station, and beyond. 

When you’re ready to buy or sell your home, choose a team that will happily support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to start a conversation!